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What is Strategic Communication?

Strategic communication involves distributing a message to a target audience in order to achieve a particular outcome.

In our readings and discussion in this module, we will consider how a strategic approach can be beneficial to PR practitioners developing communication campaigns. We’ll also look at the first stage of a strategic process, assessing:

  • The problem
  • The target audience
  • Communication resources that are available to PR practitioners (see the section below on communication theories, one type of resource that can serve as a helpful guide during the planning stage)
  • Relevant conditions that could impact the plan: Social, political, and/or economic

Communication and Behavior Change Theories: Additional Resources

Appendix 1 in the O’Sullivan et al. text lists groups of theories that can be helpful to PR practitioners developing communication campaigns.

Below are additional links to information about specific communication theories.

NOTE: To complete the Module 2 Discussion Assignment, you can select one of the theories discussed in these links, or you can choose another relevant communication theory that applies to the organization/communication goal that you have selected for your Strategic Communication Plan. These links are just a starting point for your own research on theories about your topic/issue.

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/270271600_The_Elaboration_Likelihood_Model_of_PersuasionLinks to an external site.

https://www.simplypsychology.org/cognitive-dissonance.htmlLinks to an external site.

https://www.communicationtheory.org/list-of-theories/Links to an external site.

https://www.communicationstudies.com/communication-theoriesLinks to an external site.


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