[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Cash Flows Identifying Net

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Cash Flows Identifying Net

Research current financial information and key performance indicators for Apple using Yahoo Finance via the following link: Yahoo Finance – Apple, Inc.

Use the template above to prepare a PowerPoint presentation in APA format for investors to assess Apple’s financial growth and sustainability. Identify the following key performance indicators for Apple: the company, its ticker symbol, cash flow from operations (TTM), price-to-earnings ratio, stock dividends and the yield, earnings per share ratio, low/average/high revenue estimates for the next year, revenue from the previous 3 years, statement of cash flows identifying net cash from operating, investing, and financing activities over the past 3 years, average trade volume, current stock price, 52-week high, 1-year estimated stock price, analysts’ recommendation for the stock (buy, sell, or hold), and market cap for the company. Relate the stock price to price-to-earnings ratio. Explain market capitalization and what it means to the investor. Evaluate trends in stock price, dividend payout, and total stockholders’ equity. Relate recent events or market conditions to the trends you identified. Determine, based on your analysis, whether you think the organization is going to meet its financial goals, the outlook for growth and sustainability, and explain why you recommend this stock for purchase.

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IMPORTANT: You must use Apple for this assignment. You must use Yahoo Finance for the data. The information must be current (as of this course) unless otherwise required. You must use the template provided to you above. No other formats will be accepted (ie Word). This is the basic outline for the assignment with additional “hints and guidance” (including information location notes). You should not need to add any extra slides. Remember that no discussions are required for the key indicator slides 3-5. For the remaining discussion slides 6-9, make sure that your discussions are substantial and answer the requirement completely using a minimum of 4-5 sentences. Discussions should be handled within the speaker notes, not on the slides.


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