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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Case Study Information Used

Question 1

Objective: The goal of this assignment is to apply theories of social development in adolescence to a real-life case study, considering the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during this developmental stage.

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1.     Select a Case Study: Choose a real-life case study that involves an adolescent individual facing social challenges. This could be a case from your community, a documented case from social work literature, or a scenario created for this assignment.

2.     Case Study Analysis:

o   Explore how the adolescent’s social environment (family, school, peers, community) has influenced their development.

o   Discuss the role of cultural factors in shaping the adolescent’s identity and social interactions.

3.     Intervention Strategies:

o   Propose appropriate social work intervention strategies (therapy, group support, etc) based on the specific needs of the adolescent in the case study.

o   Consider how these interventions can address the challenges and promote positive social development.

4.     Ethical Considerations:

o   Discuss potential ethical considerations that social workers might encounter when working with adolescents. Consider issues related to confidentiality, autonomy, and cultural competence.

5.     Reflection:

o   Reflect on the potential impact of the social work profession on promoting positive social development in adolescence.

o   Consider the strengths and limitations of different interventions for this adolescent.

Submission Guidelines:

·        The assignment should be a well-organized, typed document.

·        Include proper citations for any theoretical frameworks or case study information used.

·        Use APA format.

·        Ensure clarity, coherence, and depth in your analysis.

·        This assignment should be 1-2 pages.

Question 2

 The admissions unit of a psychiatric facility where you work issues a one-page daily report summarizing all the patient admissions, discharges, visits, legal proceedings, and other activities for the preceding 24-hour period. This summary is meant to convey useful information to all staff, and social workers view the summary as helpful for monitoring client status. One of the categories on the form “body count” is a tally of the number of patients/residents in the hospital at midnight. A social worker from a local community mental health agency visits her client in the hospital and hears a reference to this sheet. She is horrified by the use of the “body count”, a phrase you have become accustomed to seeing in the reports.

1. What is the main issue here and why does it matter? Please be as specific as you can.

2. In your role how would you address the issue? How would the acknowledgment of the issue be consistent with your role as a social worker?

3. Describe in three steps how you would address the issue.

** Discussions should be written in APA format, supported by at least two scholarly references, and should be at 250 characters in length. **


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