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Your Journal entry must meet the minimum length requirement of a paragraph of approximately 150 words. It must be well written and clearly organized using standard English, characterized by strong writing style elements, and free from grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling errors.

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To prepare for this Journal, review the Unit Readings and Resources, including the articles about outdoor math and science activities. 

Throughout this course, we have explored how teachers can create stimulating standards-based learning environments using various materials and settings. 

In writing your Journal, consider this scenario and respond to the prompts below:

As a teacher, you wish to engage the children in learning and enjoying math through outdoor play and activities using a playground environment (your current playground or an imagined playground).  

Describe activity ideas connected to the five math domains you can use with children in the outdoor playground environment. You may list different activities for each domain, or you may come up with ideas that connect to multiple math domains.  For each activity idea, state the associated math domain and list a math-related word or phrase that could be used to engage in “math talk” to extend child learning. Examples of math words or phrases include symmetry, cylinder, how many, inch, or make a pattern. 


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