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1) Place a heading at the top of your page to include:

  • Your Name
  • Course Title
  • Professor’s Name
  • Assignment Title
  • Today’s Date

2) Name your topic. For example, Iron Work. (See Step 1 if you have forgotten your topic.)

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3) Locate Your Sources :

  • 1 scholarly journal article (This is from Step 1.)
  • 1 internet article (This is from Step 2.)

4) Provide the following for your internet article so that both you and your professor can find it.

·  author (if available)

·  article title

·  website title

·  link – Use the Stable URL provided on JSTOR and EBSCO sites. For the internet article, where available, provide a Stable URL.

5) Using the skills that you have learned, evaluate the bias in each of your sources. Explain your evaluation using the following as guides:

  • How biased does the article appear?
  • What makes you think this?
  • Be sure that you are addressing bias, rather than focus. An article about English settlers in 18th century New England is not biased just because it is about English settlers. Bias is slant or a prejudice in favor of one side or another.
  • It is possible that you will have an article that has so little bias that it is not apparent at all. Simply state that the article appears balanced, or that bias is not apparent, and explain why you think so.

Each article should look like this:

Author: Mara Hvistendahl

Article Title: Rebuilding a Treasure Ship

Journal Title: Archaeology

Link: http://ezproxy.umgc.edu/login?url=https://www.jstor.org/stable/41780343


Overall. This article is well balanced. The focus is China, so it is understandable that the author would not mention the rest of world. However, the practice of using history to shape a positive view of the present is very common in humain cultures. It is also common for leaders to get that history wrong-intentionally or otherwise. Not mentioning this does make it appear that China is unique in this practice. That is the only apparent bias.

6) Use the rubric at the end of Submit Your Assignment as a checklist while you work and again before you turn it in.

Assignments must be submitted as a Word document. This means that the file name will end in .doc or .docx as in the following example: Johnson_Step_5.doc.

7) When you have completed and proofread your work, submit your work for feedback and grading as a .doc or .docx.


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