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Write a qualitative research paper using the method of phenomenological theory on the topic of Use of Force by Police: Conduct research into the variables that contribute to instances of police using force, as well as public perceptions and prospective reforms. (Paper needs to be a minimum of 13 pages)

The following is the structure and requirements of the paper:

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Abstract (Abstract attached and needs to be reduced to 300 words.)

Key Words

Introduction (1.5 pg minimum, include details such as authors from literature review)

Literature review (2.5 pg minimum, include comparisons to topic)

Methodology (2 pg min. Include what the method of research is and why it is the best to use for this topic)




References (attached)

*Feel free to add additional references, needs to be scholarly citations such as articles. 

*The research paper needs to be on a specific sector of use of force by police which is not included in the references

*This research paper is a proposal, actual research is not required and should not be included


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