[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Atmospheric Co2 Concentrations 150

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Atmospheric Co2 Concentrations 150

Objective: Synthesize key sources of information about the Climate Change Policy and Economics (Environmental/Mineral resources).

Directions: You will combine separate elements of your learning to connect the information holistically to a larger picture and ultimately be able to apply the synthesis of the information to personal experiences and/or your future career.

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Groups decide if they want to write a paper (Option 1) or do a presentation (Option 2)

Write a 3-5 page summary and response (option 1) or you can create a Google Slides presentation (option 2). You will watch the videos, answer questions, and read at least one peer-reviewed journal article, detailed in the steps below. You will do this assignment with your semester project group. Remember that your work on this assignment can be used in your semester project. Submit the paper or presentation as a group. Turn in ONE pdf attachment or Google Slides presentation via Canvas.





Read The Article,


Answer these questions:

What is the website this article is from?

Who originally wrote this article?

What major study is this article summarizing? Please provide the full reference

According to this article, What are the most fundamental questions about climate change? 

What is “climate sensitivity”

What were the atmospheric CO2 concentrations 150 years ago? If they double what will they be?

What are the current atmospheric CO2 levels?

What is cloud feedback?

What is meant by this being a meta-analysis study?

Why is this study important for humanity?

Pick ONE article (each person must choose a paper of their own) from the folder “Climate Chance Policy and Economics” in this Google Drive Folder or research the TWU database and find a peer-reviewed journal article that interests you (of the same topic).


Outline for Presentation 

** Images and facts must have citations and be referenced for full credit.**

(10 pts) Create a cover slide with a title for your paper, reference the articles, and include all group member names. *Because we are all from different disciplines, the format is not of concern. You can use APA, MLA, or another format if you create a cover page, keep your format professional and consistent, and cite sources with a reference page. 

(60 pts) Create slides summarizing the videos and the individual articles. * Please make headings for each resource. Each slide must have photos/graphs that are cited.

(20 pts) Write a two- five-paragraph response to the articles and relate them to at least TWO of the subjects below (suggestion- write this portion of your paper with your semester project in mind):

(10 pts) Think of the next experiment- design a follow-up study * this can be completely made up, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just ask yourself, What questions do I have from reading these articles? How can I test that? and then write a brief study (~1-2 sentences).


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