[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Article Discussing Significant Technology

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Article Discussing Significant Technology

W5: AssignmentResearch Enterprise Systems or eCommerceChoose one of the following research topics related to Enterprise Systems or eCommerce.

  • Locate an article on eCommerce systems and how they work. Describe how they might be implemented at either a large or small scale and the types of information systems that would need to be in place to support them.
  • Find an article discussing significant technology innovations or security concerns over the last few months. Discuss the innovation or event and what the impacts are or might be.
  • Research transaction systems and identify one to summarize. Discuss advantages, disadvantages, and the process of integrating such a system into an existing information system.

At least one article should come from a GU Library resource (find the library link at the top of the Glife page). Article link should be included in paper. Remember, information should be restated in your own words. Any direct quotes should be properly credited to the source and quotes should not comprise more than 20% of the paper.

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