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Prompt 1

  Coping is using thoughts and actions to deal with internal and external conflicts from stressful situations. The relationship between coping and personality is someone’s character and how they deal with stressful situations will impact how they will cope with the situation. A person with a negative mood will likely deal with situations in a negative way which may be due to unfortunate factors that influence their mood and situation. Though a negative coping mechanism may impede the progress of getting through a tough situation. A person with a positive mood will likely cope in a positive way due to a better response to the circumstances and a lower level of stress to help them get through that stressful situation. Everyone copes differently and some coping mechanisms are negative or positive due to how the person approaches the situation. 

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Prompt 5

  The biopsychosocial pathway is where social factors have favorable or harmful effects on someone’s health. Support from others promotes good health in the cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune systems. Social support can also help reduce certain systems’ responses to stress. In a study, it was collected that people who have a support system are less likely to get colds or have severe colds. Another result was having support from others can make stressful events feel more manageable to overcome. Negative social interactions can have harmful effects on health this can cause increased inflammation or the potential risk of poor health in the future. Biopsychosocial pathways are significant to assist research on the effects of social support.

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