[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Address Ethical Concerns Discussed

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Address Ethical Concerns Discussed

 Part 1: Chapter 1 discusses the different perspectives/schools of thoughts in psychology. I want you to briefly explain a behavior in your own life or a behavior you notice in society (any behavior you’d like to discuss) using one of the perspectives/schools of thought . Select the perspective that makes the most sense to you. Define the perspective based on what you’ve read and then apply it to your example. How would that perspective explain the cause or treatment/remedy of the behavior?  Examples of perspectives include: the psychodynamic, biological, cognitive, behavioral, and social-cultural.* Note, do not simply repeat what a classmate has already said. If many students have already used a perspective, select one that hasn’t been explained as much.Part 2: Chapter 2 discusses the difference between experimental and descriptive research. Both serve an important role in psychology. While experimental research provides more certainty, there are conditions in which it would not be feasible or ethical to conduct experimental research. For your discussion this week, I want you to design a simple “pretend” experiment using experimental design. Keep it simple and use any concepts you want.  Do not actually perform an experiment! This is just a design.  You will list and label the following:

  • Your hypothesis (directional statement of anticipated outcome). Example: 8 hours of sleep results in better memory function.
  • How you will operationalize your terms (a clear definition of how you define things in your research)- Example: how do I define memory? How will I test this? Someone should be able to read your study and replicate exactly how you did it.
  • Your independent variable (IV)
  • Your dependent variable (DV)
  • How you will address ethical concerns discussed in the first part of chapter two?

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