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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 800 Words Total

Creating effective assessments are important for measuring student learning. For this discussion, you will be considering guidelines for effective student assessment by responding to the prompts below. Post your initial response to the prompts by Friday, and reply to at least four of your classmates by Sunday.

1.  Describe four ways in which Assessment can directly aid learning and then provide a classroom example of each. 

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2.  In chapter 2, the authors of your textbook discuss the guidelines for effective student assessment. List the two most important guidelines, in your opinion, and explain why you believe these guidelines are the most important guidelines.

Each reply to the prompts should be a minimum of 400 words (800 words total-2 prompts @ 400 words each = 800 words total). After you have posted your responses to the initial prompts, review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least four classmates. Your response to your classmates should be a minimum of 80 words each. A good discussion requires an exchange of ideas in respectful and professional ways. In order to do this successfully and receive full credit for your participation in the discussion, please see the discussion rubric below.


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