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from Developmental Dyslexia ( work will be attached)

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two articles: critical analysis- Developmental Dyslexia (600 words per article):

In this analysis, you should focus specifically on two recent (last 05 years) academic articles related your topic (developmental dyslexia). 

Provide for each article (using approx. 200 words for each dot point below):

• A summary of the research question, methods and research context

• A discussion of the results/findings of the research, as it relates to the wider field (based on research from Part A: Developmental Dyslexia) 

• An evaluation of the results in the context of the wider field (based on research from Part A) Do not feel that you need to offer a peer review of an expert’s article. Rather, the aim is that you develop your ability to understand and articulate academic research at the graduate level. The goal is to help you develop your skills in reading and responding to research.


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