[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 500 Word Letter Families

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 500 Word Letter Families


Creating a classroom based on collaboration between teachers, students, and families is one way to engage students in reading activities in and away from the classroom. It also offers an opportunity to share best practices for reading across disciplines and from a variety of experts.

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In the Topic 1 assignment, you created back-to-school reading orientation materials for families of students in the 4-8 grade range. Imagine you have spent the school year teaching these students and you are now approaching the end of the year. You want to continue to engage your students and families in reading activities throughout the summer to ensure that skills are maintained, and students will be well prepared for the reading they will do during the next school year.

Conduct research to obtain evidence about the value of creating home-school connections with families, including the value of summer reading programs and student reading activities in preparing students for success in completing the requirements of the next grade level and being able to apply reading skills in real-world settings. In a 250-350 word rationale, address the following:

  • Summarize research-based evidence from 2-3 sources about the value of summer reading including how it prepares students for the next grade level and real-world activities for students of all reading levels.
  • Explain how summer reading can serve to create home-school connections for families.

Create a 250-500 word letter families focused on summer reading activities. The letter should address the following:

  • Provide research-based evidence why summer reading is valuable to students, regardless of whether they are reluctant readers, grade level readers, or excel in reading/be considered advanced.
  • Provide goals for students to achieve as part of their summer reading program.
  • Provide a list of summer reading suggestions for students who are reluctant readers, grade level readers, and excel in reading/be considered advanced.

Support the assignment with a minimum of three scholarly resources.


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