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As you discovered in Week 2, formally observing children’s behavior is an important step in determining their current stage of development and enhancing your ability to support and foster growth. The child you observed last week is now a toddler! Following the same child, you will watch this week’s video and answer the prompts below. Like last week, in this discussion, you will use a developmental checklist when conducting your observation. However, do not submit the checklist to this discussion area. It will be submitted with the assignment within the required template. For now, use it to gather information from your observation.

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To prepare for this discussion,


In your initial post,

  • State the name of the child you observed as the first line of your post.
  • Describe, using objective language and descriptive phrasing, at least three developmental milestones you saw in your observation of the child. 
  • Consider two developmental areas that were not observed and explain how you could focus your next observation to see those skills. 
  • Summarize the importance of play during toddlerhood. 
  • Discuss two specific examples of how you would use play to further the development of your case study child.

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