[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 3 Points Ken Blanchard

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 3 Points Ken Blanchard


1. Which growth strategy would be most helpful to your company? Explain why (3 points)

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2. Describe how a stability strategy is implemented and when this strategy is best? (3 points)

3. Find an example of where a company used either vertical or horizontal integration? Why was this used? How effective is the integration? Minimum 1 page. Cite your source (5 points)

4. What are the 3 points Ken Blanchard refers to in his video? Do you agree that these three points will help companies survive and thrive? Explain your answer. (4 points)

  5.    US Foods case study: Exhibit 5 in your case shows total revenue from 2017-2021. What was the revenue for 2021? What was the final net income in 2021?

Has US Foods financially rebounded from the pandemic and 2020 financial results? Explain how so or not so.

Is US Foods a good investment? Explain how so or not so.  (6 points)

Note: Points will be given during lesson 4 but repeat this section as part of part 5 in your final case paper.

  • Read Chapters 5 and 7 in your textbook (Coulter, M. Strategic Management in Action, 6th edition.)
  • Listen to  you tube video by Ken Blanchard:
    • “How a Business Can Survive in Tough Times” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHTOVOGEpTQ)
  • View  Mgmt_4170_Unit_4 aud.pptx  (PPT, TXT) (uploaded down below)
    • View supplemental PowerPoints: Chapter 5 and Chapter 7 (uploaded down below)
    • Read the case study  McDonalds” (must buy in order to read)

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