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2 moves and 2-3 full pages each

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Movie Reviews are to be 2-3 full pages typed and double-spaced. 

  1. What is the movie about? Illustrate the content.
  2. What historical significance or controversies that surround or represent the topic of the movie?
  3. What did you think about the movie?

Movie List

  1. Amistad [1997]
  2. Anne Hutchinson [1965]
  3. Beloved [1998]
  4. Birth of a Nation [1925]
  5. Burn [1970]
  6. Dances With Wolves [1990]
  7. Geronimo: An American Legend [1993]
  8. Gettysburg [1993]
  9. Glory [1989]
  10. Race to Freedom (The story of the underground railroad) [1994]
  11. The Alamo [2004]
  12. The Color Purple [1985]
  13. The Crucible [1953] & [1996]
  14. The Patriot [2000]
  15. The Scarlet Letter [1995]
  16. Lincoln [2013]
  17. Twelve Years A Slave [2013]

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