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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 3 · South Carolina

1)   Consider earthquakes around the globe. Describe three factors that influence the amount of surface damage and two that affect the number of fatalities.Recommend five actions that might be taken to reduce damage and fatalities. What political, social, or economic issues must be overcome to implement these? 2)   Since 1700, 33 large earthquakes of M7.3 or greater have occurred in the UnitedStates. · Alaska 12  (M7.8-9.2)· California 7  (M7.8-7.9)· Cascades 3  (M7.3-7.9)· Hawaii 1  (M7.9)Missouri 3  (M7.8-8.1)Montana 1  (M7.3)· South Carolina 1  (M7.3)Explain why earthquakes have occurred in these areas. Why do the Alaskan earthquakes have the highest magnitudes?


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