[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 200 Minimum Word Count

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 200 Minimum Word Count

  • Answer each of the following questions in PARAGRAPH format. 
  • DO NOT restate the question before writing your response. 
  • Notice the MINIMUM word count for each question.
  • The answers you provide are submitted to Turnitin; therefore, DO NOT copy and paste content from the cases, Internet, periodicals, journals, publications, articles, or other students’ papers.

1. What are some specific factors that make countries unattractive to firms looking to do business there? min 100 words

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2. What are some of the factors that firms must consider before deciding to begin operations in another country? min150 words

3. Werner was born and raised in Germany. He is a marketing manager at a multinational firm. When traveling for business,  he is confronted with issues such as employees’ tardiness to working and meetings and expects him to provide managerial directions for even the most simple tasks.  What might explain these issues? 150 minimum word count

4. Jason Starks, the founder of 3P Turbo, worked with a consultant to gather some revenue and cost projections for his possible investment in Brazil to see if it would create value and make financial sense. What are some of the issues that his company faced when deciding whether or not to enter the Brazilian market? 200 minimum word count

5. Catalan Incorporated (CI) is based in the US and wants to sell its products in Mexico. Because of USMCA, there is no tariff on the products it manufactures in the US. CI currently exports its products to Mexico, and they make a good profit from the products they sell there. Because of the lower labor rates and lax regulatory environment in Mexico, CI is considering opening a manufacturing plant there to supply the Mexican market. The Mexican economy is known for its instability and its government is highly corrupt. Should CI consider opening a manufacturing plant in Mexico? Or, should CI continue to export its products? What other mode of entry might you recommend? If so, why? Explain your answer in detail. 300 minimum word count


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