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Instructions: Now, it is time to write your descriptive work. This is the moment to generate information and brainstorm ways to approach this writing task. Get your readers engaged by making them sense and connect with everything about your work’s person, place, object, or experience.

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1. First, select and develop one of the following writing prompts.

  • Describe the strangest person you ever met

Strange people are work to remember, and if you remember a different, odd, or unique person, you’ll have a lot of information you can write on. Before you choose this topic, brainstorm a few ideas about this person.

Questions to develop this work topic: What seemed strange about this person? What characteristics did they possess? How did you feel about this person?

  • Describe an inspiring person (friend or family member).

We remember people who inspire us. And people love to read about inspiring individuals. If you describe an inspiring person, think about a person’s impact on you. Questions to develop this work topic:  What did this person do that was inspiring?   How did that person act toward others?

  • Describe a place you loved as a child.

People love to know things about another person’s childhood. A great way to show who you are is to describe an important place to you. If you select this writing topic, remember this place well.

Questions to develop this work topic: How did this place look? What did you do at this place? Was anyone else at this there? How did you feel about the area?

  • Describe a beautiful location in nature.

You could describe a mountain, body of water, campground, desert, etc. Or any other place that is outdoors and part of nature.

Questions to develop this work topic:  What did this place look like? How did you feel when you were there? Did you hear, smell, taste, or touch anything at the location? Was there anyone else with you? What did you do at this place?

  • Describe a piece of art.

It can be a photograph, painting, sculpture, etc. There are a lot of sensory details you can include in a descriptive work about a piece of art.

Questions to develop this work topic:  What does this work of art look like? Can you touch it? If so, how does it feel?   What emotions do you have when you see this sculpture, painting, photograph, etc.?

  • Describe an object used in your favorite sport or hobby.

If you have a favorite sport or hobby, describe an object relevant to that sport. For example, if you play tennis, describe a tennis racket. Or, if you collect coins, describe a unique coin from your collection.

Questions to develop this work topic:  What are the characteristics or features of this object? How is it used? What is significant about this object? What are some sensory details you can add?

  • Describe a happy memory.

Write about a happy experience you can remember clearly.  This topic involves remembering what occurred and how you felt during that experience.

Questions to develop this work topic:  What made this experience happy? What happened? Who else was there? Can you describe them?

Think of the three points that will hold together your ideas about this place. (thesis statement).

______________              ______________              ______________

2. After you select one of the seven topics above, follow the steps in the writing process Download follow the steps in the writing process to create your work.


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