[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 10 Questions Multiple Choice

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] 10 Questions Multiple Choice

2 questions 2 references each 250 words minimal each

1. Describe the survey, instrument, or tool you plan to use in your DPI Project (implementing the ABCDEF bundle in a longterm acute care hospital) and explain why this is the best for your project. Describe the tool in terms of name, the number of items, how it is answered (e.g., multiple choice, Likert scale, yes/no, open answer), the total score, and the level of measurement. Describe the reliability and validity of the instrument including the applicable psychometric data. Provide evidence supporting your response.

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( plan to use , survey for staff demographics along with pre and post test for knowledge assessment. 

survey is fill the blank w/ multiple choice

pre post test is 10 questions multiple choice 

 independent T test – not sure where this fits 

Mann Whitney U test – not sure where this fits- open to suggestions on how  to best implement this 

2. There are many types of errors that can be found in data. Depending on the source of data, the cleansing process can take a substantial amount of time, and the attention to detail should not be underestimated. After reading Chapter 12 in Clinical Analytics and Data Management for the DNP, compare four common types of data errors and identify a method for cleaning each error. Provide evidence supporting your response.- please refer to chapter 12 when answering 


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