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Cite at least one (1) peer reviewed reference

Further the conversation with peer and include a question for the peer to respond to at the end.

Luz G.

11/7/23  3:01 PM

Landmark Medical Center has 10 offsite facilities already in operation. Of these sites, there are several hospitals, a rehabilitation center, doctor’s offices and even a parking lot. All the healthcare services are known as Landmark Health Services (LHS). Even though our proposal is defined quite differently, we can draw knowledge for staff requirements.

The plan is to service elderly, poor, homeless and non-insured communities. Our satellite sites will be a part of (LHS); however, each site must operate as a stand-alone site. The initial startup will be based on an FTE (Full Time Equivalent) approach. A required clinical staff of 2 doctors and 6 to 8 nurses will be needed. Support staff will consist of one receptionist and an assistant to handle scheduling, filing and other non-clinical services. All other services such as x-ray, blood bank and imaging services will be provided by Landmark Medical Center. The above staff requirements are based on past practices for one stand-alone site.

There are many departments within a hospital that assist personnel in their duties. Positions such as health and safety, patient transport, personnel advocacy and security aid in patient care and employee safety. All employees of Landmark services would be extended but not necessarily represented on-site.

Some aspects of staffing need to be recognized as potential issues in a small site. New employees will require longer training time to develop the specific skills required. Working in a small environment with limited resources immediately on hand can hinder the effect of staff. Performance values should consider the obstacles presented in such an environment.


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