[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] · Dress Code ·

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] · Dress Code ·

Write an annotated bibliography consisting of at least 15  reputable, practitioner sources (ex. SHRM) or scholarly journals to support your future Human Resource Policy Project assignment (instructions attached).  Government websites (FLSA,  EEO, etc.) can also count towards your sources.

Your references should address at least four HR policies that are relevant to a small business and create a case for their inclusion in a handbook to employees.  The following are some examples of HR policy topics. These are only examples. You may identify/select other topics that would be relevant and appropriate for a general employee policy manual/handbook.

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· Dress Code

· Technology Use

· Fraternization Policies (workplace dating)

· Confidentiality

· Harassment

· Benefits (This can be more specific to areas such as paid time off, health care benefits, and so forth.)

· Leave 

· Moonlighting

· Attendance

Please DO NOT pick:

· Training

· Recruiting/Selection

· Code of Conduct

· Ethics

· Performance Reviews


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