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analyze the staffing levels within the organization

Information Systems Department

Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

College of Computer and Information Sciences

Information Systems Department

IS MSc Program 2016/2017 Fall Semester

IS714 (Business IT/IS Alignment)

Course Project


Major part of this course is to show your ability and competency to seek, read,

analyse, structure and then write an academic report pertains to some course related

issues. In this project you are requested to submit a report of no less than 4000 words

directly pertains to:

Exploring different business/IT alignment frameworks, methodologies and tools

Therefore and in order to submit the required report in a professional style, you have

to follow some major requirements as follow:

 Formulate number of groups each has two students

 As aforementioned, no less than 4000 words is accepted

 You have to highlight and show different references that you have referred to

during your report writing

 You can refer to any sort of references (bibliographies) such as textbooks,

academic papers (if you can access), websites, and online materials and so on.

Do not forget to mention them.

 Your report writing should be coherent and consistent to help different readers

to understand it easily

 Figures and tables are more welcomed but with certain use and limit.

 You have to follow professional writing style

 Electronically, submit your report at any time before the deadline

 Don’t forget to attach the evaluation report and cover sheet attached to

the project

 There will be a presentation for no more than 10-15 Mins for each group

and it will take part in project evaluation

 Please note that, copying others’ works (as is) or asking others people to

write on behalf of you means FAIL (F).

Instruction Files
Assginmet 1.pdf

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