data and how it informs solutions to practical problems with potential impact on your organization or industry.
Information Systems Department

Industry: Hospitality discussion rep

Company Name: Empire Hotels

Host Country: Dubai

Structure of Venture: To provide top notch, cost effective, hospitality services to all customers along with great entertainment.


· Governmental do’s and don’ts

· Difference in wage and hour or labor laws


· Tax differences

· Salary differences


· Customers and Dubai citizens may not approve of a US business

· Increased competition

· Opposing demographics


· Opposing technology, counties may learn something from one another

· Additional training for computers and other technology


· Hot weather

· Possible sacred land near or around potential hotel location


· All laws for the city, state, and country

· Business laws and regulations including safety, health, and employment


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PESTLE Analysis


Industry: Coffee

Host Country: Norway

Company Name: Heaven in Hell

Structure: Serve coffee bring this very cold place a warm atmosphere.



· Government tax policies- 11.4%

· Business regulation- egalitarianism


· Currency value- 1 US Dollar= 8.97 Norwegian Krone

· National GDP- 398.8 billion USD


· Change in style/choices- hikers and tourists

· Population demographics- 5.3 million in the country



· Rapid technological progress/innovation- renewable energy

· Improvement in production technologies-o


· Laws relating to wages/employment- $21.80 USD per hour

· Employment taxation- 8.2%

Environmental or Ethical: 

· Least corrupt countries

· Cold year round



 –Alejandra R.



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Hi Nadine –

Thanks for sharing your overview of Gobo and its current status in the US market.

Which country outside of the US would you like to see Gobo expand to first?

Kathy Colquitt


**Take a look at the Week 5 Final Project and note that your work in this and other Discussion Forums can help you build out the final assignment.  Note that the selection of your foreign target market will help guide further research for the final paper and future discussions.

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