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InDian Fusion Restaurant Assignment Help

Watch the movie: “Today’s Special” and Pay attention to the similarities and differences between Philippine and Indian cuisine.

Writing Exercise

Congratulations!  You have just inherited a restaurant!  You have an unlimited budget!  What are you going to do?

If you were in Samir’s place and you had to revive a restaurant (in this case a Filipino restaurant) how would you do it?

What would you name your restaurant?

What items will be on your menu?

How would you improve the visual qualities of our food (presentation)? Would you use traditional or modern fabrics, utensils and bowls/plates (“palayok” [clay pot], “kamayan style” [to eat with hands])?

What would your décor be like?

What would your wait staff wear?

What music will you play in the background?

How will you make your restaurant stand out among other restaurants in that row? (You will be in competition with Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean etc. restaurants.) In other words, how would you make it appealing to both Filipino and non-Filipino markets?

Basically, you want to revive a restaurant and make it more “Filipino”

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