In C Launguae create a ‘database’ that stores Employee information. The program will read in

In C Launguae create a 'database' that stores Employee information. The program will read information from a file, and display certain information to the user, based on what they select. Read employee information from a file (Format below) Read filename from command line argument Use functions Print a record based on employee ID Print ALL employee records Print all employees in a specific department This menu should keep running so the user can run multiple options until they choose to quit. Quit option After reading in the file, print out a menu and take the appropriate actions… Store employee information in structures (an array of structures)


File Format: Row 1: Number of employees

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Rows 2+: employeeId firstName lastName departmentNumber salary


Welcome to the Employee Database! Choose an option: 1: Print empid 2: Print ALL employees 3: Show all employees in department -1: QUIT 3 which department number? 10 ID: First Name: Nate Last Name: Wilson Department: 10 Salary: 57473.80e880 5 Salary: 57473.88888 ID: First Name: Mike Last Name: Brady Department: 10 Salary: 48999.0080ed 8


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