Immigration policy debate Should the American government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants ?

Immigration policy debate Should the American government policy favor certain kinds of
immigrants? Should preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most
talented? The most oppressed? the richest? Should applicants from certain
countries be given priority? Why or why not?

Summary of Chapter:

1) Immigration to the US has been consistent since the
country achieved its independence, but in the last 30 years the number of legal
immigrants has even exceeded the numbers of the early 1900s

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2)Immigration has been regulated by US; the first
significant restriction was the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882

3)subsequent legislation through the national origins system
favored northern and western Europeans Not until 1965 were quotas by nations
largely lifted

4) Immigration policy is impacted by economic demands for
workers who cannot be found among citizens These workers may be professionals,
but they also include large numbers of people who are prepared to do hard labor
for wages deemed too low for most citizens but which are attractive to many
people outside the US

5)Issues such as population growth, the brain drain, mixed
status households and English language acquisition influence contemporary
immigration policy

6) Illegal immigration remains formidable and heightened by
new concerns about securing our borders since the 09-11-2001 terrorist attacks

7)Economically, immigration impacts local communities
differently, but the new arrivals typically pay taxes and energize the national

8) refugees present a special challenge to policy makers who
balance humanitarian values against an unwillingness to accept all those who
are fleeing poverty and political unrest


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