HISTORY 1301 ess4-01 UNIT 4 ESSAYS QUESTIONS 1 How did the two major political parties misread the p

HISTORY 1301 ess4-01


1 How did the two major political parties misread
the public’s feelings towards slavery

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by the early
1850s? How did this cause the political system to
change? What political

evolved? What was the main political
beliefs of each?

2 What factors
caused the Civil War? Support your
answer with evidence of how those

interacted to break down national unity by 1860? What was the most significant

factor? Explain

3 Compare the
resources of the North and South as the Civil War began To what do you

account the
ability of the South to sustain the war effort for four years? Why did the North

win the war?

4 Describe the
economic and social changes the Civil War
brought to northern and southern

societies Analyze the impact of these changes on the
lives of the people Give specific


5 Why can
Reconstruction be described as bittersweet for those who lived through it? What

were the major
outcomes (positive and negative) from southern black perspectives? What

were the positive
and negative outcomes from southern white perspectives? What were

the outcomes from
northern perspectives?

6 Would it be
correct to describe the Congressional plan for Reconstruction as moderate? Why

or why not? Explain with specific examples from their
programs how it was and not

moderate What were the major accomplishments and failure?

7 Compare and
contrast Lincoln’s, Johnson’s and Congress’s plans of Reconstruction How

were they alike,
how different? Which do you believe was best for the majority of the


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