Guidance for Research Paper: Public Health/Health Care Topic

The effectiveness of US procedure against a bio-terrorism incident
To start our discussion, think about how the greenhouse effect of Earth’s atmosphere works. How is it similar and dissimilar to a real greenhouse? Has it changed over time? How can it be moderated? Feel free to take your discussion beyond these starting points.

Guidance for Research Paper: Public Health/Health Care Topic

Guidance for Research Paper: Public Health/Health Care Topic

MPHE 615 Fall 2017

1. Submit your topic for approval no later than the due date published in the syllabus.

2. On approval of the topic, begin researching the topic with a plan to present the information in the following general matter:

a. Introduce the topic by telling the reader what the topic is about. Answer the question: What is the issue, situation, or problem this topic presents in the field of public health or to the US Health Care system? If the topic is a problem in the broader delivery of health care services, indicate any implications for the public health system

b. Next, explain why this topic is an issue, situation, or problem in public health or the health care system. This is a good place to provide data that supports the topic and the problem

i. Answer: Why does this topic present an issue and to whom and why.

c. What can be done to address the problem? This is the place to evaluate the information from the previous questions as compared to an opinion. Use data and literature as opposed to your opinion. A position comes from a clear understanding of the topic and an evaluation of possible solutions to the problem.

d. With this issue, describe how you would advocate for political, social, or economic policies and programs that would improve health in a diverse population

3. Include references in APA style format

4. Your paper should be at least 6 but not more than 8 double-spaced pages, plus reference.

5. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Course Director


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