2x+3y=5, x+y=3, find the value of x and y.
Mrs. Ming invested an amount of money in two accounts for one year. She invested some at 8% interest and the rest at 6% interest. Her total amount invested was $1,500. At the end of the year, she had

Enviromental Science

Researchers have attempted to devise a method to place a monetary value on ecosystem goods and services (ecosystem capital). They hope that these efforts will make people aware that: ecosystem goods and services are essential for humans and their economies, the economic value of ecosystem processes is substantial, and sustainably managed ecosystems are a long-term source of income.

Considering the natural world and ecosystem capital as you complete the following:

  1. Use this spreadsheet link, open the blank spreadsheet and log at least 6 material goods and 4 services you use or take advantage of in your daily life. Example; Shoes.
  2. For each material good and service, determine if it is absolutely necessary for survival or if it is just a good or service that you want or would just like to have. Example; Shoes are not necessary for survival.
  3. Describe where the material good or service comes from in the natural world.
  4. Explain how a material good is made and include any chemical, energy, transportation, etc. that is involved (Hint: think of raw materials or what the good is made of) Example; Shoes made of raw leather from cowhide.
  5. Briefly describe the outcome if the ecosystem suddenly ceased to supply the good or service. Example; Assume cowhide is no longer available, then possibly use other materials to make shoes like plastic

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