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CNS Case Project – Law Firm

Employment Discrimination Law.

Your course project for this term is to write a 6-8 page, double-spaced mini-research

paper, with your subject as Employment Discrimination. Everything you need to know

about the project resides on this tab.

Your project requires at least three (3) outside resources besides the textbook. Your

paper must be written in APA format, include a title and reference page, and reference

your sources both internally (parenthetically) and in the reference page. Please use the

APA template in doc-sharing to complete your work.

Employment discrimination law is about prohibiting or encouraging behaviors in the

workplace regarding differences in people. It has evolved over the years significantly,

and the passage of Title VII, the US. Civil Rights Act, has made more changes to how

the US defines the right to work free from harassment and discrimination, than any

other law, case, or regulation in the nation. This project has three parts. Part 1 asks you

to answer eight questions about employment discrimination. Part 2 asks you to pick one

US Supreme court case from a list, to discuss. Part 3 asks you to review pending

legislation regarding employment discrimination, and provide a few details about one

currently pending (i.e. not yet passed) bill in either your state, or the federal

government. Remember, the focus of the project is on employment discrimination.

Project Part 1:

Answer each of the following 8 questions, in 1-2 paragraphs each. You can use your

textbook, or other outside sources to answer these questions. Do not write a book –

answer the questions succinctly.

1. What must a person who is claiming they were harassed in the workplace allege in

order to first state a case with the EEOC for each of the following types of harassment:

I. Sexual harassment – quid pro quo

II. Sexual harassment – hostile environment

III. Religious harassment

IV. Racial harassment

2. Explain the difference between sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual

orientation discrimination, as those terms are used legally.

3. How does GINA protect a person whose mother died of breast cancer from employment


4. Provide one example of a behaviour that could be found to be both a hostile environment

and quid pro quo forms of sexual harassment at the same time.  Explain how a person

could argue that this behaviour at work was illegal.

5. Give the main legal reason why every company should have a valid written policy

against all forms of harassment (besides the fact it is the "right" thing to do.)

6. Can an employer require that only females serve female customers and only males

serve male customers?  Explain your answer using legal terms.

7. How many employees must an employer or company have working for it to be subject


I. the ADA

II. Pregnancy Discrimination Act

III. Title VII



8. Assume you work for a company that has a sexual anti-harassment policy, but not a

religious, sexual orientation, or racial anti-harassment policy. Write a one-two paragraph

statement to your boss (the HR Director), as to why you believe it would make sense to

revamp the policy to include other forms of harassment. Include one example of a real

situation where a policy may have protected a company from liability or stopped

harassment from happening. (You will find case examples on the EEOC website). Cite

that case/situation in your memo to your boss. Provide the amount of damages/fines the

company in your example case had to pay as a result of failing to protect an employee

from discrimination.

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