?Dr. (r. Land S 13.000 Land improvements i8.000 Accumulated depreciation… 1 answer below »

Dr. (r. Land S 13.000 Land improvements i8.000 Accumulated depreciation—land improvements S 2,000 Buildings and building improvements 900.000 Accumulated depreciation—buildings and building improvements 28.800 Fixed equipment 300.000 Accumulated depreciation—fixed equipment 20.000 Major movable equipment 440.000 Accumulated depreciation—major movable equipment 6o.000 Minor equipment 24,000 Accumulated depreciation—minor equipment 16,000
The following additional information is available: 1. Roadway Hospital began operations on January 1, 20X1, when (with the exception noted below) all of its plant assets were acquired. The correct amounts of depreciation have been recorded for 20X1 and 20X2, but no depreciation entries have yet been made for 20X3. 2. The land improvements are being depreciated over an 18-year life with no expected salvage value.


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