dq1Chemical Names (graded)Sulfates, sulfites, nitrates, nitritesâ??how does one keep all of these si

dq1Chemical Names (graded)Sulfates, sulfites, nitrates, nitrites—how does one keep all of these similar but different names straight?Let’s begin this discussion by talking about the naming of different compounds. Why would it be important to make sure that you know which compound is associated with which name? To apply these concepts, look at problems 18 and 22 on page 122. Choose one part of the problem, and provide your answer.dq2Chemical Structures (graded)The electron configuration of an atom determines the number of electrons available to participate in bonding with another atom. One method of depicting the valence electrons that an atom has is through the Lewis structure.To begin this discussion, pick an element from the periodic table of elements. Identify the valence electrons and the orbitals in which they reside. You can use the textbook and lecture.Note: The goal of this exercise is to become familiar with the concepts. This discussion will also explore how this impacts the ability of atoms to bond and the 3D structure of the molecule.


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