Do you have any past experience with Re-Expression? Or any other product ideation models?

develop, disseminate, and collect data for a survey on a topic of your choice (related to a new market area for a new product/location)
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Do you have any past experience with Re-Expression? Or any other product ideation models?

A minimum of 100 words each question and References (Response #1 – 6) KEEP RESPONSE WITH ANSWER

Make sure the Responses includes the Following: (a) an understanding of the weekly content as supported by a scholarly resource, (b) the provision of a probing question. (c) stay on topic

1. Re-Expression approach is a great method when trying to think/create an innovational concept as it allows someone to formulate their selling proposition. When a stratedgy makes you look at your idea through a new perspective you are able to ensure that it is sustainable and that the idea could withstand some of the what if questions. Thinking of a sales proposition and formulating one is truly an important phase in the early business process. Do you think this is an important phase or do you believe that another is?

2. like you, I also thought Re-Expression was not only an efficient method but one that could be used in many different settings. One of the most beneficial aspects of Re-Expression is that is can help someone individually as well as stimulate a group. When someone is utilizing Re-Expression in a group setting, it has the potential to create multiple thought processes at the same time. This method forces people out of their comfort zones, which what we have learned these past weeks is one of the most nurturing environments for innovation. Do you have any past experience with Re-Expression? Or any other product ideation models?

3. Ideas should be taken into consideration, documented, broken down and evaluated. If enough ideas or shared there is a greater chance of finding a way to resolve an opportunity, or accomplish a goal, or build on an existing process or procedure. Formatting an idea, or concept to determine a specific need in a company or group can be beneficial to all. There are different ways this can be done. “An idea needs to be initialized and shared by someone. This could take different expressions: a question, a paragraph, a short or full essay, an image, a video, or a combination of them” (Mook, Schugurensky, Won No,2017). How the idea is presented may not be as important as what the idea is, however, each idea must be evaluated. I also think we will have to use different methods, brainstorming, revolution method, re-expression, personally I like brainstorming. “The most famous method, brainstorming (Osborn 1957), has been extensively studied in the social psychology literature, but although much can be learnt from these studies” (Lundberg, Petersson,2018). I think in a group exercise we need as many ideas as we can get, and I believe brainstorming is the best way to have multiple avenues uses or consider.

4. Product ideation can come in many forms, and it is not a one size fits all mentality when it comes to approaching product ideation. Just like writing each individual has their own way of what is comfortable for them. One product ideation model or methodology is informal brainstorming sessions. These sessions can also lead to a springboard of other ideas, or a more in depth meaning to what you are actually creating. Knowing the ideation approach is the first step, and also when you have a team you have a collective amount of knowledge that is far beyond what an individual could. By having each one of us on the team working to a singular goal, but all having open sessions of brainstorming and collaboration with our team members for this module. When you realize, or work in a team that has one singular goal and each one of you have the ability to brainstorm on your own, and collaberate as a team it not only makes the ideation process better, but it also makes the ideation stronger.

5. Bible verse Joshua 1:9

How can this verse be leveraged to help management deal with managing innovation within their organization?

6. The Theoretical Background and Research Model suggests that creativity is affected by individual differences like personality. These personality differences allow certain people to have unique perceptions on problems and allow them to come up with more creative ideas. The “personality trait with the clearest and most consistently demonstrated relationship to individual creativity is openness to experience” (Guo, Su, & Zhang, 2017). People who are open to experience are more willing to explore new ideas and in which makes them better candidates for individual creativity. “In a competitive market, a company’s long‐term viability depends on successful product innovation; product innovation, in turn, depends on employees’ creativity” (Guo, Su, & Zhang, 2017) which is why understanding employees and which characteristics can demonstrate their creativity is important. From this, managers can appropriately place employees in positions where they are more likely to succeed. I might use this ideation approach in the collaboration assignment by suggesting that others play to their strengths. It makes the process much easier when people are able to take on tasks that they are good at because it makes things faster and more efficient.

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