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Design a motor power circuit. The circuit will include two pumps, one small circulation pump and one larger well pump. You will design the circuit breaker, disconnect device, motor starter, overloads, conductors, and enclosure per the NEC and specifications (discussed in class). You will develop a set of drawings (using AutoCAD Electric) which will include a BOM (use Excel), and will support each component selection with a citation from the NEC and appropriate calculations (referenced and shown on green engineering paper).
See 'SP20-IN-ECET-XXXXX-project-motor-sizes.xlsx' file for your assigned motor sizes. It is located on Canvas in the Project folder.
Tradeoff Design criteria include cost, reliability, maintainability, ease of replacement, availability, protection ratings, and adjustability.
General Specifications: (see class for others)
– Enclosure must be free standing and protected from falling rain or dripping water.
– Main disconnect must be rated for 150A, or twice the largest motor FLA (whichever is larger) and must be flange connected.
– Control voltage shall be 120VAC.
– Equipment must be rated for 480VAC operation.
– Motors shall be protected with circuit breakers.
– Control transformer shall be protected with primary fuses, at a minimum.
Submission details:
– At a minimum, you will submit:
– 1) Drawings (which include: Title page, site layout, power distribution, control wiring, internal panel layout, external panel layout, bill of materials)
– 2) Specification Document
– 3) Project Calculations and Justification (site NEC articles, show equations and calculations, and logic to justify decisions)


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