Current Assts Accounts Receivables 10600 Cash 17550 Inventories 7500 Total Current Assets 35650 Gros

Current Assts

Accounts Receivables 10600

Cash 17550

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Inventories 7500

Total Current Assets 35650

Gross buildings & equipment 123000

Less: Accumulated depreciation -34000

Net buildings & equipment 89000

Total Assets 178000


Liabilities and Equity


Accounts payable 5800

General & admin expense 950

Total Current Liabilities 6750

Long-term debt 56000

Total Liabilities 69500



Common Stock 46000

Retained earnings 16150

Total Equity 62150

Total Liabilities and Equity


XYZ Corporation

Income Statement

For the year ending December 31, 20XX



 Net Income


Use the Template below for Part Two:


Ratio Formula Your Answer

Operating Profit Margin After Taxes


Gross Profit Margin


Average Collection Period


Total Asset Turnover


Fixed Asset Turnover


Inventory Turnover


Debt to Total Assets


Times Interest Earned



Use this template for Part 3:


Ratio Company Year 1 Company Year 2 Industry Average Cross Sectional Analysis (% Difference) Trend Analysis (% Change)

Current Ratio 5x 3x 4x

Quick Ratio 3x 1.6x 3x

Total Asset Turnover .4xx .56x .7x

Average Collection Period 130 days 110 days 100 days

Inventory Turnover 1.20x 1.41 x 2.2x

Fixed Asset Turnover 1.01x 1.20x 1.1x

Debt Ratio 30% 34% 33%

Times Interest Earned 4.0x 5.0x 6.0x

Return on Common Equity 8% 12% 10%


 Summarize Your Findings Below





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