to improve the overall learning experience for the students
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Course Feedback Summary

BUS 201 Students,

It is important to me that I continue to improve the overall learning experience for the students that choose to take BUS 201 online in the future. To do that I am asking you to give me your feedback on your learning experience in our class. This assignment is worth a total of 25 points.

Please provide me with a “Course Feedback Summary” paper. The Summary must be between 150-200 words in length.

Consider the following questions:

1. What were 3 things that you learned in this class that will be helpful to you in the future in your personal or professional life?

2. What 2 aspects of the class were most interesting for you or were new things that you learned about in this class?

3. What 2-3 aspects of the class did you find to be the best?

4. What 1-2 aspects of the class did you find difficult or less helpful and why?

5. If you could change 1-2 aspects of the way this course was delivered online what would you recommend?

6. Do you feel more knowledgeable about laws or public policy issues?  Please explain why you feel this way.

Your summary needs to be formatted as follows:

Include your name; and

“BUS 201 Course Feedback ” as the heading; and

Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font; and

Prepare your paper in WORD or .pdf format; and

Use double line spacing between lines; and

Make sure to check for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Professor Lukevich

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