could you please help me solve all 3 questions? I think I get 1 and 2 but 3. However, please help me

could you please help me solve all 3 questions?

I think I get 1 and 2 but 3. However, please help me with all three questions.
this is all i have.
i was able to get answers for question 1 and 2. 1. (worth 20%) Using the overhead or activity rates below (already calculated for you), apply the activity costs to the Y-30 product. (I've already correctly calculated the Activity-Based OH for the X-20 product.) Machine setups Quality control – Purchase orders – $130 per setup $40 per inspection $75 per order Soldering – Shipments – Machine related – $2.25 per joint $220 per shipment $8 per machine hour Product X-20 Expected Amount Activitye of OH- xx setups $130,000- xx inspect+ 160,000 Product Y-30- Expected Amount of OH- Activity 600 setups 5,000 inspections- Machine setups Quality control- Purchase orders Solderinge xx orders xx joints xx shipments xx machhrs- 360 orders 140.000 joints 200 shipments 40.000 mach hrs. 135,000- 88.0004 240.000 $816,000 Shipments Machine related Total overhead costs 2. (worth 20%) The Hill Mfg Fimm expects to produce and sell 30,000 X-20 products and 5,000 Y-30 products. What total Overhead per unit should be charged to each of these 2 products 3. (worth 60%)The firm believes that it cannot raise prices on either of these 2 products in the short-term, but will investigate whether specific cost initiatives should be undertaken. A. Calculate the per unit cost per activity B. Next, identify 2 activity costs (from above) that you would suggest that Hill Mfg investigate first. + C. Why did you pick these 2 costs? Discuss the reasoning behind your choices – do not simply say 'the cost was high”. Think about what is causing the high cost.


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