COSTUL SI Other expenses Separate incomes (400.000) $ 200.000 500.000) (100.000) S200.000 should be

COSTUL SI Other expenses Separate incomes (400.000) $ 200.000 500.000) (100.000) S200.000 should be allocated to controlling and no controlling terest shares in the Total consolidated income should $42 544550 and $61,950, respectively 550 and $60,000, respectively 165.500 and $60,000, respectively $346,500 and $67,950, respectively on January 1, 2016, for $300.000, when Son's net so had a book 600.000. During 2016, Pop sold inventory items that cost $800,000 to Son for $200,000 31.2016, included one-fourth of this merchandise Pop reported separate income ons (excludes investment income) of $300,000, and Son reported a net loss of $150.000 for share of consolidated net income for Pop Corporation and Subsidiary for 2016 is. 2. Pop acquired a 80 por value and fair value of $600,000 and Son's inventory at Der from its own operations (exclude 2016. Controlling share of cons $280,000 5780,000 $160,000 d $108,000 3. Sun Corporation, a 75 ration, a 75 percent-owned subsidiary of Pam Corporation, sells inventory items to its parent at 125 cent of cost. Inventories of the two affiliates for 2016 are as follows: Pam Sun $250,000 200,000 $400.000 500.000 Beginning inventory Ending inventory Pam's heining and ending inventories include merchandise acquired from Sun of $150,000 and $200,000, respectively which is so in the following year. If Sun reports net income of $300,000 for 2016, Pam's income from Sun will be $255,000 $217,500 $215,000 $195,000 Tab – Suma E 5-7 Downstream sale o veno Xume SA was a subsidiary of Fabian SA. Fabian SA had a policy to sell its merchandise at a mark-up ot 10 percent. The beginning balance of Xuma's inventory in 2014, which was sole in the current year, was $220,000 Jalf of this beginning Inventory included merchandise purchased from Fabian SA Bring 2014, Fabian SA sold merchandises to Xuma SA for SS3000. Xuma has sold 5440.000 these merchandises the third parties. The data of the sales and the cost of sales for both companies are as follows: Fabian SA Xuma SA Sales $2,200,000 $1,700,000 Cost of Sales $2,000,000 $1,500,000 EQUIRED the amount of sales that should are the cost of sales that should le concorated income statement? income statement


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