Company Description and SWOT analysis LaTina Hamm

performing a thorough case analysis.
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Company Description and SWOT analysis LaTina Hamm

Strayer University

BUS 599

Dr. Andrea Banto

July 28, 2019

Company Description and SWOT analysis

21 ForEver was established to offer a healthy, all-natural organic beverage supplement. It is essential to want to remain youthful, as you get older, the need for more nutirients and a much more active life style for the older generation is what is most desired. Studies have proven the less active you become once your are older, the greater the need for a boost. 21 ForEver offers just that! It’s invention was because of the limited number of healthy beverages supplements available on the market. 21 ForEver beverages are organic, all-natural with with no pesticides, or artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. 21 ForEver has become a household name with the introduction of “Very Berry” a new addition to 21 FoEver. The growth of 21 ForEver has resulted in this wonderful beverage being found in larger retail stores such as Whole Foods Groceries, Wegmans, and Walmart. The future for 21 ForEver will launch its new vegetable beverage drink line that will appeal to vegans.

Mission Statement

21 ForEver is a cost-effective NAB that is healthy and guarantees that you will live a much healthier life by incorporating this fantastic beverage which offers more vegetables compared to beverages in its class on the market today. 21 ForEver desires that consumers will choose 21 ForEver because we pride our ability to be an organic pesticide-free, all-natural product. Free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. 21 ForEver stands proudly behind its brand which helps to accomplish its mission

Trends in the industry

· 21 ForEver will market via the Pop-Up Shop Trend, where you set temporary retail establisments.

· The desire to consume organic beverages have affected supermarket chains. Although organic beverages are generally high in comparison to sugary drinks, many consumers are switching to organic to promote a healthier lifestyle (“Top 10 Natural & Organic Food Trends for 2019,”n.d.) 21 ForEver has projections future growth rate:

· Have the products placed into the Fitness Centers and Gyms

Strategic position

The use of Pop-up marketing is an economic way to introduce products to consumers

your procduct. Having a website is a must; a website is a great marketing resource for

information about the product. Social media is a must marketing tool, on all Social media platforms and websites


Production cost for organic food is usually much higher than non organic foods therefore

Distribution for organic foods cost more. The care of nurturing and feeding both the natural and livestock is why the cost is more expensive than non organic products.


Every business involves risk. 21 ForEver clients may decrease as they may not be able to

afford the cost that is associated wih a healthy beverage. “A risk asssessement helps to prepare for and prevent threats to your success.(Secreats & Strategies). The risk that the competitors have established clients.

The idea that the Fitness Facility Golds Gym, may not be receptive to marketing 21 Forever in its facilities, the brand may not be a fit for the company.

SWOT Analysis


· Beneficial to you health

· Organic

· Vegatable in a Drink

· New to the market


· New Brand

· Small Business

· Limited Products

· Not established


· Increased Profits

· Pop-up Shop

· Expanding online partnreship by tapping into Amazon and eBay can increase output and sales.

· Expand Products


· Competition

· A slow economy.

· Product marketing

· Marketing


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