Argumentative Essay
Assignment 1: Narrative Based On Non-Fiction

Character Analysis

Over the course of Fahrenheit 451, you have observed how Montag is transformed from a willing participant in a fascist agenda into a revolutionary political agitator. Now you have the opportunity to write a character analysis which illustrates this transformation. You will write a character analysis to share your analysis of Montag’s development. All support taken from Fahrenheit 451 should be cited within the text using MLA formatting. See the attached MLA-Quick and Easy Guide for assistance. Your character analysis essay should include:

an introduction that

presents a reasonable claim, expressed in a clear thesis statement

names the author and genre of each text you have selected to support your claim

body paragraphs that

present a thorough analysis of your claim

contain textual evidence and details to support your claim

demonstrate a logical organization of ideas

a conclusion paragraph that

restates your thesis statement

effectively wraps up your essay

leaves your reader with a lasting impression, perhaps through an interesting final thought

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