Case Scenario :Mr. John, the owner of â??Alpha Company, UKâ??, wants to appoint Mr. Eric, resident o

Case Scenario :Mr. John, the owner of ‘Alpha Company, UK’, wants to appoint Mr. Eric, resident of Multan, as sales manager. He (Mr. John) writes a job offer letter to Mr. Eric on 05/01/2015 and offers a monthly salary of $ 50000. Mr. Eric receives th letter on 08/01/2015 and writes an acceptance letter on 09/01/2015 in which he describes that he will be able to join ‘Alpha Company’ on 01/02/2015. This acceptance letter is received by Mr. John on 14/01/2015.Questions:Q1.What is the ‘proposal’ under section 2(a) of The Contract Act in this case, describe why?Q2.Identify the ‘consideration’ for Mr. John and for Mr. Eric in this case.Q3.When and how the communication of proposal is completed?Q4.When the communication of acceptance is completed against Mr. John, and against Mr. Eric? Explain how.


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