Case Analysis: Students will take on the role of a consultant

This is for an individual case on the following case study; “Ford and the World Automobile Industry in 2012”. Instructions are below: Case in the back of the book • Grant, R. M. (2013), Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 8th Edition, Wiley. (Text And Cases Edition)Case Analysis: Students will take on the role of a consultant hired by senior management to assist in the development of a strategic plan. The student will identify a critical issue that the corporation faces today and will offer several alternative courses of action that the company may take to resolve the issue, ultimately recommending the best courses of action.A suggested format for the case analysis would be:1. Introduction and/or background: Brief history of the company to include points of interest important to the case.2. Issue: The main issue and/or dilemma that the company is presented with along with underlying issues3. Alternatives: Courses of action available to the company along with a pro/con for each alternative.4. Recommendations: Outline the alternatives that will best resolve the issue at hand.5. Implementation: A time frame for implementation of the recommended alternative.6. Follow-up: A process of evaluation after the improvements are implemented.Individual Paper/Presentation:Students are expected to read all cases and have a case analysis prepared for class discussion. Further, students are required to present one of their case analyses to the class for discussion and to prepare a short paper for the case (5 pages to 10 pages; APA 6 format). Please follow instructions closely as this is a Master’s level course. The more strategic processing and planning techniques, the better (i.e. BCG Matrix, etc). Thank you.


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