Canada In The Global Business Environment.

Group Communication.

Canada In The Global Business Environment.

Case Study #1: Canada in the Global Business Environment

Canada: A trading nation?

You are preparing for a top-level meeting between the Minister of International Trade, the Minister of Foreign Affairs,

and senior business executives representing several multinational corporations as well as a large group of small- and

medium-sized enterprises. The objective of the meeting is to discuss Canada’s strategy in responding to the changing

global business environment. Expectations are high since everyone wishes to move beyond political pronouncements

and joint statements, to specific strategies and actions. The Trade Canada Summit is raising expectations and all are

committed to motivating a call to action across major stakeholders engaged in international commerce.

While Canadians like to refer to the country as a “trading nation”—partly because of history and partly because of the

large impact of trade on the Canadian economy today, leading practitioners and senior officials recognize several


  • Canadian trade is highly concentrated in import/export activities with the United States
  •  Certain industry sectors such as automotive and resource-based businesses account for a disproportionately large amount of Canada’s trade
  •  Intra-company trade—transfers of resources between affiliated companies—is an important part of Canada’s“export” business

The hard reality is confronted, and one which serves as a critical backdrop for this meeting, is the realization that

by current standards, Canada does NOT qualify to be referred to as a trading nation. One point of agreement

between all parties is that Canada CAN and MUST do better.

Your role

You are a senior consultant engaged jointly by the Government and the private sector stakeholders, to guide and

facilitate the meeting and to assist in any agreed follow-on actions. Your success will be measured by the degree to

which theory and principle are translated to practical, innovative recommendations and actions, endorsed by all

parties at the Trade Canada Summit.

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