Explain how you could create a diverse team of employees with different strengths. Use scenarios to convey your idea. Discuss methods you would adopt to improve team dynamics and employee behaviors. Describe two (2) management techniques you would implement to ensure that your new team aligns to your company’s mission. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
Digital Dossier

Business Ethics Assignment

Please select TWO (2) of the following three questions and answer them in around a half-page to a page or so, double spaced.  Please indicate which of the three questions you’re answering.

1.  Why does Milton Friedman believe that the only “social responsibility” businesses have is to increase their profits?  What exactly is his reasoning here?  Do you agree?  Explain.

2.  In his essay, R. Edward Freeman defends a “stakeholder” view of corporate responsibility.  He defends this view with respect to a few different kinds of stakeholder.  First, briefly describe what a “stakeholder” is.  Then, consider just one of the specific arguments Freeman makes about different groups of stakeholders.  Do you agree with him that businesses have responsibilities towards these stakeholders?  Briefly explain.

3.  Summarize Bakan’s argument in Chapter 2 of The Corporation.  Do you agree with him?  Further, consider the example of “Mark Barry” discussed towards the end of the chapter.  Do you think that he is *just* as responsible for the things he does on the job as he would be if he did these things on his own time?  Does the company he works for bear any responsibility, as you see it, for the ethically questionable things he does on a regular basis?  Briefly explain.

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