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In this portfolio, I will reflect on what I have learned about my intrapersonal and

interpersonal competencies. I will further discuss how I will improve these competencies by

critically analyzing three test findings, IPIP test, Kolb’s learning test and CATME ratings.


This portfolio is an attempt to evaluate my ability to learn from my experience and to engage

in reflective practice. I will Kolb’s learning cycle as an organizing tool in discussing each point

raised in the test and/or BSB124 tutorial exercise.

Also, I will put emphasis on the importance of emotional intelligence because both tests

point to my weak ability to work with others. It appears that the concept of emotional

intelligence has become very popular with corporations and other organizations because an

ability to understand and perceive others’ emotion is seen as an important component of any

organization that needs cooperation. An individual with higher emotional is abler than others to

experience and show empathy and cooperation. Clearly, there is no Chinese Wall between the

two competencies because I am living in society where there is strong co-relations and

interaction between intra- and inter-personal traits and qualities. In this respect, an ability to

work with others is an important trait. The test show that I lack in such ability, and I believe

emotional intelligence can remedy my dearth.

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