Assignment #3 – Tax Research Paper Length: 3-5 pages (using Times Roman 12 point font and… 1 answer below »

Assignment #3 – Tax Research Paper

Length: 3-5 pages (using Times Roman 12 point font and standard 1” margins)

Write a three to five page research paper that highlights three to five ways that the U.S income tax law would benefit you if you were 1) Starting a new business, 2) Attending school (undergraduate or graduate program) or 3) buying a new home (students choose one to address).

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In your analysis, you will be graded on your ability to describe and analyze the benefits of the specific tax law and provide specific references to IRC code sections, Treasury Regulations, and specific IRS forms and schedules. Discuss in detail the requirements of the relevant code sections as well as any limitations that may exist. Be sure to include your analysis why you feel these benefits or incentives were created, and how the rules affect our society and economy.

will be graded on their ability to cite (except Wikipedia). Students are to follow the strict guidelines for papers (which means all papers will have three sections: Introduction, Analysis and Conclusion). All papers are to use APA standard.


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