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Character Analysis

Argumentative Essay

For this assignment you will be using argumentative writing techniques to compose your own argumentative literary analysis essay that answers one of the following questions.Choose one of the following questions and write an argumentative essay that answers your chosen question. You will need to choose at least two readings that will provide support for your paper. All support taken from the readings should be cited within the text using MLA formatting. See the attached MLA-Quick and Easy Guide for assistance.

Option 1 from Unit 1: How much of what happens in our lives do we actually control?

Option 2 from Unit 2: If rules are put in place to keep us safe, is there ever a time when we should be fighting against them?

Your argumentative essay should include:

an introduction that

presents a reasonable claim, expressed in a clear thesis statement

names the author and genre of each text you have selected to support your claim

body paragraphs that

present a thorough analysis of your claim

contain textual evidence and details to support your claim

demonstrate a logical organization of ideas

a conclusion paragraph that

restates your thesis statement

effectively wraps up your essay

leaves your reader with a lasting impression, perhaps through an interesting final thought

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