An H field in free space is given as H(x, t) = 10 cos(10 8 t − βx)ay A/m. Find (a)…

An H field in free space is given as H(x, t) = 10 cos(108t − βx)ay A/m. Find (a) β; (b) λ; (c) E(x, t) at P(0.1, 0.2, 0.3) at t = 1 ns M Small antennas have low efficiencies (as will be seen in Chapter 14), and the efficiency increases with size up to the point at which a critical dimension of the antenna is an appreciable fraction of a wavelength, say λ/8. (a) An antenna that is 12 cm long is operated in air at 1 MHz. What fraction of a wavelength long is it? (b) The same antenna is embedded in a ferrite material for which ϵr = 20 and µr = 2, 000. What fraction of a wavelength is it now?



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