A Comprehensive Business Case Assignment Help

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A Comprehensive Business Case Assignment Help

Develop a complete business case for an idea. This may be a real example from your

work environment

Identify business area, your role in the business and a general problem that you plan

to address for your business case

The following are some of the key points to list in your business case:

  •  Executive Summary
  •  Problem Statement (Issue)
  •  Analysis of the Situation
  •  Solution
  •  Project Description
  •  Data Flow Diagram
  •  Budget and project timeline
  •  Recommendations

Students will gain practical experience applying the System Development Life Cycle

model and related techniques by undertaking an individual project based on a real

organizational need. Students will perform analysis of an issue or regulatory

requirement and develop a solution using the concepts, methods and techniques

Business case presentation :

PowerPoint for presentation

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